Amanda Kloots says her husband Nick Cordero “says he recognizes me”


Amanda Kloots does not expect to be able to visit her husband Nick Cordero, who has been hospitalized with the coronavirus for six weeks, in the near future.

Kloots said in one of his regular social media updates about Cordero’s condition on Thursday that hospital regulations would not allow it, even though her husband is negative for COVID-19 . However, she said that she spoke to him regularly on video calls and that she sometimes involved their 11-month-old son, Elvis.

“He says he recognizes me,” said Kloots. “So if we ask him a yes or no question, this is how we communicate – yes, he looks up; no, he looks down. The other day, I asked the nurse, I was like, “Can he see me on FaceTime?” And she said, “Ask her.” And so I said, “Nick, can you see me?” And he looked up. So I think he can. And when I put Elvis on FaceTime, his eyes get really big and he looks very, very alert. “

In fact, she said that Cordero “lights up” when he sees his son, even though he still can’t smile.

She said the Broadway actor is “doing well” overall.

“Mental status is really happening, which is fantastic,” said Kloots. “We are still facing many infections in his lungs, so this is the underlying problem right now, the lung infection, which we just need to control for Nick, so that he can completely remove the ventilator from the trach and get off the ventilator, then he can also quit dialysis. ”

Cordero has had many supporters since he fell ill, including fellow actor Sylvester Stallone, who recorded a quick recovery message for him this week.

Kloots said the message was a complete surprise to her.

“It’s a rocky moment of code there, that’s for sure,” she said.

It was not until Tuesday that Kloots announced that Cordero was awake after being in a medically induced coma for several weeks. She said on April 1 that he was initially hospitalized for pneumonia, which turned out to be COVID-19.


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