All post offices in France will be open at the end of May


As of Monday, May 11, mail delivery for priority (first class) items, registered letters and packages will be six days a week. Deliveries were limited to three days a week during delivery.

Other letters, like green letter category, will be distributed five days a week, Monday to Friday.

From Monday also, the collection of mail from street mailboxes will be done again over six days rather than three. Mail is currently collected in approximately 87% of mailboxes and the remaining 13% is not emptied. There will be collections of all by the end of May.

For the most vulnerable people, La Poste offers to collect mail to be posted directly from their home.

This service is free and to take advantage of it you must inform your postman directly or write a note in your mailbox.

For shipping costs, you can either print your own stamps on (you can simply cut and paste them), or wait for the postman and pay them for stamps by check or cash.

By the end of May, 7,700 La Poste offices in France will be reopened, but La Poste will respect the measures imposed by the government in terms of barrier gestures and physical removal.

The opening hours will be adapted to the number of visitors and the staff available.

Swiss Post will encourage its employees to work remotely until June 2, if possible. For staff unable to work remotely, staggered schedules will be set up, as has been the case for several weeks in mail sorting centers.


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