Aljamain Sterling feels snubbed for the UFC 249 title, as is Isiah Thomas for “Dream Team”


In case you live under a rock, ESPN’s 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance”, which documents the dominant title of the Chicago Bull in the 1990s led by none other than Michael Jordan, has taken over the world of television and streaming. .

It even surpassed Netflix’s “Tiger King” as the world’s first documentary, both of which garnered millions and millions of views thanks in large part to COVID-19’s current lockdown rules.

Among the key focal points of “The Last Dance” is Jordan’s beef with Isiah Thomas, the Hall of Fame point guard who brought the Detroit Pistons to consecutive titles in the late 1980s at the expense of Jordan and his Bulls. What started out as a simple competitive rivalry has slowly turned into one of the bitterest steers in NBA history.


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