Alison Roman’s New York Times column “On Temporary Leave” after Chrissy Teigen Feud


New york times readers may have to wait a bit for a new column or Roman recipe from Alison following comments she made earlier this month on the Chrissy Teigen model and storage expert Marie Kondo that sparked a torrent of online reviews.

A spokesman for the newspaper confirmed to the Daily Beast on Tuesday that the column for Roman was “on temporary leave”. The document did not specify the duration of the suspension, nor did it specify the reason for the decision.

Earlier this month, the well-known food columnist, whose bi-weekly recipes are featured in the newspaper, gave a major interview in which she urged celebrities who capitalized on celebrity in an attempt to promote the content and kitchen products. In particular, she expressed dismay at the business strategies of Teigen and Kondo.

“She had a successful cookbook,” Roman said of Teigen in particular. “And then it was like: Boom, line at Target. Boom, she now has an Instagram page with over a million followers, where there are only people who run a content farm for her. It horrifies me and it’s not something I want to do. I don’t aspire to that. But like, who laughs now? Because she makes a ton of damn money. “

According to Time insiders, Roman had a song that was ready to be released last week amid controversy, but it ultimately did not get released.

After the interview, the author of popular cookbooks Nothing special and Dinner in attempted to reconsider his comments, particularly after Teigen publicly expressed his sadness at being the target of Roman’s remarks.

In a long note, Roman finally apologized to both Teigen and Kondo, saying his comments were “stupid, rude and insensitive”.

“I need to learn and respect the difference between being unfiltered and honest versus being uneducated and flippant,” she wrote. “The burden is not on them (or anyone else) to teach me, and I am deeply sorry that my learning was at the expense of Chrissy and Marie. They worked very hard to get to where they are, and both deserve better than my dull tone. “

Teigen, for his part, thanked the chef for his apologies.

“Thanks for that, @alisoneroman,” Teigen wrote on Twitter. “The comments stung, but they stung more because they came from you! It wasn’t my usual news break from a random person hating everything about me! ”


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