Algoma Steel Signs Agreement With New Ore Supplier


Algoma Steel Inc. (Algoma Steel) today announced the signing of a new four-year purchase agreement for iron granules with United States Steel Corporation. The contract replaces contracts expiring at the end of this year and provides Algoma Steel with a guarantee of supply of quality iron ore pellets until the end of the 2024 shipping season.

Algoma Steel CEO Michael McQuade commented on the agreement: “This contract provides Algoma Steel with a competitive supply of iron ore that will support our business throughout the cycle of the steel market.”

About Algoma Steel Inc.

Based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Algoma Steel Inc. is a fully integrated steel producer of hot and cold rolled steel products, including sheet and plate. With an estimated production capacity of 2.8 million tonnes per year, the size and diverse capacities of Algoma Steel allow it to provide reactive and customer-oriented product solutions, directly from the pocket to direct applications in automotive, construction, energy, defense and manufacturing. .

Today, Algoma Steel is on the right track, returning to its roots as a customer-focused entrepreneurial enterprise, with the courage and growing ability to meet the challenges of the industry head-on. It invests in people and processes, optimizes and modernizes to continue to be your partner in steel.



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