Alberto “El Patron” accused of sexual assault in San Antonio


Recent competitor of Combate Americas Alberto
Rodriguez was arrested and charged with sexual assault in
San Antonio, according to
NBC News 4 San Antonio.Rodriguez, whose first name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, is
accused of repeatedly beating and assaulting a woman.
According to an affidavit, the most recent incident occurred in May
3 after Rodriguez accused the woman of being unfaithful.

Rodriguez would have slapped the woman several times, then
forced her to put on a dress and dance for him. The victim alleges
that Rodriguez also threatened to take his son and “drop him off
somewhere in the middle of the road. According to a police report, Rodriguez then sexually assaulted the
victim for several hours with different articles and hit her
back, leaving visible wounds. Rodriguez was arrested detained for
several hours before being released on bail of $ 50,000 to
Sunday around 3:30 a.m. local time.

Rodriguez is perhaps best known for his stint with World Wrestling
Entertainment as Alberto Del Rio. The 42 year old also has 15
professional MMA fights under his belt, and he competed for
organizations such as Deep and Pride over a career
which started in 2001.

He first joined Combate Americas in an executive role before
back to active competition as part of the Alberto “El Patron”
nickname in a first round submission loss to Tito Ortiz on
December 7.



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