Alan Sugar slams the heinous thrower Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid poisoned in an epic rant


Lord Alan Sugar criticized his former friend Piers Morgan in an epic rant on Twitter – although he had had no interaction with him for weeks.

The apprentice’s host nicknamed Piers a “selfish and self-absorbed wish-maker” as he interfered in his hours of fury after Piers confronted Tory MP Andrew Brigden over Boris Johnson’s plans to lift locking.

Car crash interview on Good Morning Britain saw MP lost for words as Furious Piers blamed him for not understanding government directives to end the lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage .

And it didn’t take long for Piers’ anger to make its way to Lord Sugar’s ears.

Alan Sugar fumed after Piers Morgan deposed Conservative MP Andrew Brigden

“. @piersmorgan is back in mouth mode with ratchet jaws. He seems to be hyperactive spitting criticism from the government. It looks like he saved some material he can say during his week off. Kind of like a hibernating squirrel, “tweeted the MP for the House of Lords.

When a disciple came to the rescue of Piers, Alan went wild: “The government does not take @piersmorgan It’s just you and the other idiots who fall in love with his self-designated shit. You show yourself a total ignorance referring to me and my money !!!. What does this have to do with anything. “

Piers and Alan’s friendship dates back many years – but soured when the coronavirus pandemic started to bite

He continued: “The government does not take a blind man @piersmorgan he is not appointed by them as government mediator. He is a journalist trying to hype his profile and his Twitter followers. Simply make yourself known. You can’t see through it all. “

A second follower agreed, writing, “He’s not doing well. When @itv realize they are hanging out in the wrong place by Morgan and Reid hate show. “

And Alan responded in kind, this time taking Susanna Reid into the fray.

” It is true. I am a little disappointed with @ susannareid100 she seems to have been poisoned @piersmorgan fashion. “

Alan called Piers “launcher”

Barely stopping to breathe, Alan continued, “You say he is trying to hold government accountable. Well, someone has to @piersmorgan to estimate. It’s me. He puts an end to so many ordinary members of the public with his alarmism. “

Asked another of his disciples, “How many people must die before this is no longer considered alarmist?” “

Alan replied, “I am amazed at your tweet. Do you honestly think @piersmorgan save lives. Frankly, I’m abandoning people like you. “

“He hasn’t tweeted you for weeks boyfriend, on a day off,” said another user.

Old friends bickered lightly

“I don’t give a damn … He reads every single one of my tweets I know for sure,” Alan replied wryly.

He ended his epic rant with the immortal line: “BREAK: Her Majesty the Queen may one day announce that @piersmorgan is to receive an award. We’ve all heard of OBE, CBE, MBE. He receives an obnoxious egocentric command launcher. “


Piers has now severed ties with his ex-friend

Until relatively recently, Alan and Piers were on good terms and often kicked each other on Twitter.

But when Piers turned on the government minister after the government minister on GMB, Alan reacted furiously.

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Piers, 55, has now insisted that he ended up with his former friend.

In an interview with The Sunday Times this weekend, he said, “It went way beyond a joke, and to me it ruined our friendship.

“I think we ended up as friends. I can’t see through the behavior. “


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