AEW Double Or Nothing Results: Cody Rhodes Wins TNT Championship, Mike Tyson Stops Jake Roberts


Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer competed in Double Or Nothing in the TNT Championship final with Mike Tyson on hand to present the title to the match winner.

Archer brought a wrestler out from behind and smothered him in the ring when he entered. Archer was accompanied in the ring by Jake Roberts and Rhodes was accompanied by Arn Anderson. Tony Schiavone noted that the belt is not complete due to the pandemic and that gold plating will be added to the sides later.

It was hard from the start. They spilled over the edge of the ring in the first few minutes, and Archer lifted Cody off a platform and threw him to the floor of the ring. Cody continued to be beaten for several more minutes, except in a few places where he was able to respond briefly. They showed Tyson on the ring several times and one of the times the camera caught him yawning.

There was a crazy place where Archer picked up Cody and the soldiers pressed him in the ring and on the post and on the floor and Cody landed hard on the floor of the ring. Archer continued to beat Cody for several more minutes with 90 percent of the infraction in the match belonging to Archer. Cody eventually managed to lock a facial lock submission, but the referee broke it because he used Archer’s braid of hair around his face. Jake tried to get involved while Cody hit a DDT on Archer. Archer came back on the attack but was distracted by Arn and Cody took advantage with a kick to the head and a top rope cutter. Archer kicked one.

Cody was finally able to get a burst of attack on Archer with punches and the dusty elbow and Cross Rhodes, but Archer kicked out. Cody hit a Stinger Splash, but Archer hit back with a chokeslam that Cody threw. Arn knocked Archer off the top rope while the referee was talking to Jake. Cody struck an avalanche reverse suplex from the top and it looked like Archer could have been injured. The referee was informed by Tyson of Arn Anderson’s actions, so Arn was kicked out. Jake was also kicked out by the referee. Archer hit a suplex back belly. Jake returned with the snake in the bag but Tyson stood up to prevent him from entering the ring. Cody managed to get up and hit two consecutive Cross Rhodes to win the title.

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