AEW Double or Nothing Results: Casino Ladder Match


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW Double or Nothing 2020 à la carte event:

Casino ladder match for the future shooting of the AEW world championship: Darby Allin vs Colt Cabana vs Orange Cassidy vs Joey Janela vs Scorpio Sky vs Kip Sabian vs Kazarian vs Luchasaurus vs mystery man

A new wrestler enters the match every 2 minutes. Kaz and Sky start things off. Kip came out and pushed the tag team away. Kip went to take a wild dive on a ladder but decided not to stop Kaz. Allin was out then. Darby pulled out Sabian with an outside dive and then an inverted DDT to Kaz and threw a skateboard in his face. Allin went to the top of the ladder and tried to step on his skateboard on Kaz, but instead crossed a ladder. Orange is next and has taken his time to get into the ring. Orange did not want to climb the ladder and avoided everyone. Colt was next and pushed Orange out of the ring and tried to climb the ladder but Kip stopped him. SCU pushed Kip first on the ladder. Orange with a double kick then a dive in the ropes to exit the SCU. Joey ran out and dived off the stage on SCU and then over the barricade toward Kip before hitting a kick falling on the top rope on Colt. Joey hit Kaz with a chair on the back but Sky ran and hit him with the chair. Luchasaurus was the eighth competitor and hit Kip with a big boot and then a chop at Joey. Luchasaurus with an electric bomb for Kip on a group of guys. Luchasaurus with a chokeslam in Kaz on a scale. Brian Cage was the last competitor with Taz on the edge of the ring. Cage pulled out a few guys with high impact moves. Everyone tried to knock Cage down and did it. A group of wrestlers grabbed a giant poker chip and put it over Cage to hold it. Kip hit Colt with a ladder. Kip struck Colt from coast to coast with a ladder. Orange and Kip fought at the top of the ladder until Penolpe Ford came out to support Kip, who fell from the ladder. Ford tried to attack Orange but dropped it on Kip. Jimmy Havoc entered and attacked Orange until Best Friends chased him away. Orange tried to suffocate the Luchasaurus but was unable to. Marko Stunt went out with a small ladder and helped Luchasaurus strike a chokeslam in Orange. Luchasaurus sent Orange on a ladder. Kaz made a movement of a ladder. Joey hit an apron suplex on the poker chip for Kip. Cage rose from under the flea and fought against Luchasaurus. Cage with an Luchasaurus electric bomb on the ladder. Allin is back in the game, but Cage threw him to the top of one ladder on another. Cage got the chip and won the game.

Winner: Brian Cage


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