A talk show making Dak Prescott the highest paid QB in NFL history is a bad idea. For Cowboys, this is the right one


The Cowboys will pay Dak Prescott and make him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history.

It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, it will happen. The process of signing a long-term agreement probably took a little longer than the Cowboys would like. But as Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ executive vice president, likes to say, when you’re ready to make a deal, it will happen.

However, Jones made an interesting comment on the ProFootballTalk podcast, noting that when a quarterback occupies too much of a team’s cap space, it has historically not helped that team win a Super Bowl.

“There are all kinds of analyzes that show that if your quarterback occupies too high a percentage of your salary cap, it decreases your chances of winning,” said Jones. “We’re just trying to find the right person.

“No one wants to sign Dak for a longer term deal than Jerry [Jones] and myself. We are repeatedly on record for what we think of him as a leader. He has the “that”. He’s a fierce competitor. He also wants to win. It must be fair to him and to us. We will continue to work on a conclusion on this. ”

The Cowboys have placed the exclusive franchise label on Prescott where his salary will be $ 31.4 million, said a source. The Dallas Morning News. If he signs the label and the Cowboys fail to strike a long-term deal by the July 15 deadline, Prescott would have the seventh highest average salary for an NFL quarterback. The figure would be around 14.4% of the 2020 salary cap, or about $ 217 million.

Prescott wants to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. That’s good because he deserves such an agreement after completing four seasons on a rookie contract that saw his highest salary reach $ 2.025 million. The leverage is with Prescott in some ways, given the way the Cowboys have expressed the desire to lock him up.

At some point, Prescott will occupy the majority of the Cowboys’ salary cap, and historically that is not the same as success.

But according to overthecap.com, a website that tracks NFL wages, the quarters with the highest salary caps have missed the eighth season of the past 10 seasons.

In the past three seasons, the quarters with the most hits on the job have missed the post-season. It’s Matthew Stafford from Detroit in 2019, Jimmy Garoppolo from San Francisco in 2018 and Joe Flacco, then with Baltimore in 2017.

There is more evidence than less is more.

Pat Mahomes won a Super Bowl with Kansas City and he only represented 2.46% of the Chiefs salary cap. Now Mahomes is owed one of the biggest contracts in the history of the league, probably after Prescott got his new contract.

The money that the chiefs invest in Mahomes could affect them in another situation of need. It will therefore be interesting to review the way in which chefs progress, Mahomes taking a good percentage of the salary ceiling.

Tom Brady and New England are exceptions to this rule. Brady only took 8.6% of the salary cap in the 2016 Super Bowl season, but he took 12.2% in the 2018 title season.

In a story on The Ringer, it was noted that the last Super Bowl winner to have two players taking more than 20% of the salary cap was the 1994 49ers, with Steve Young and Jerry Rice at 21.6%.

In 2020, Prescott, should he play under the tag, and Amari Cooper, with his new contract, will occupy a combined total of 25.9% of the salary ceiling.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Prescott doesn’t deserve a potential new contract. The Cowboys know that if Prescott plays under the tag in 2020, he should increase by 20% in 2021 if he is tagged again. Prescott’s salary is expected to reach $ 37.6 million in the 2021 season. Prescott will therefore earn $ 69 million if he is tagged in consecutive seasons.

As it stands, the Cowboys have presented Prescott with a salary that exceeds the highest paid quarters in terms of average salary (Russell Wilson) and full guarantees (Jared Goff), a source said. The news. Prescott would like a four-year contract, while the Cowboys want to lock it up for five seasons, sources say.

The Cowboys expect to reach a Super Bowl with Prescott quarterback with the understanding that his salary will take much of their cap in the future. The past with other teams dictates that it is not a good thing.

But for Cowboys, it’s the right thing.

“But the deal must be good for Dak, it must be good for us,” Stephen Jones said on the podcast. “As you know, the salary cap makes it a zero-sum game for homeowners. It’s not something where Jerry and I are trying to save money so the Cowboys can make more money for the Jones family. We’re just trying to do our best to work with Mike [McCarthy], in collaboration with Will McClay, to really share the cake in the best possible way to win a Super Bowl. “

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​(8) visits with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) after the Vikings defeated the Cowboys, 28-24, Sunday November 10, 2019 at the stadium AT&T in Arlington, Texas.

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