A rainy day at Woody Allen in New York leads the world box office | Movie


On a rainy day in New York, the film by Woody Allen denied by prominent members of its distribution and whose release in the United States was canceled by its main funder, Amazon Studios, would have become the most popular film remunerative at the world box office this week.

With most cinemas in the world closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, A Rainy Day in New York reportedly raised more than $ 330,000 last weekend in South Korea, after the country began to loosen its strict lockdown. the last days.

Figures are hard to find, but reports suggest that a rainy day in New York is way ahead of Pixar’s Onward, which took just over $ 17,000 in Norway, La Belle Epoque, which won 35,000. $ in Australia, and The Wretched which took $ 69,000 in the United States.

A rainy day in New York is mired in hardship since the allegations of sexual assault against Allen by his daughter Dylan Farrow were resumed, which Allen denies. Farrow’s opinion was published in the Los Angeles Times in December 2017, after filming ended, but before the end of post-production. Its release in the United States, initially scheduled for 2019, was canceled by Amazon, which was then sued by Allen for the termination of their contract with the filmmaker. Cast members Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Hall and Selena Gomez made significant donations to charities, Hall saying that she “regretted” working with Allen, and Chalamet writing that he “did not want to take advantage of my work on the film “.

The film has, however, been released by independent distributors in several territories outside the United States, including France, Spain, Mexico and Russia, earning approximately $ 20.9 million to date. It is expected to be released in the UK on June 5.


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