A light and light menu inspired by summer evenings in France


My menu this week is the one to adopt during the summer months, because even if it is not yet the official change of season, the weather is warm enough to eat outside – or, at all less, with the kitchen windows wide open. By day, by night, we finally have more light in our lives, and that seems welcome to us.

May is a wonderful month; spring products are in stores in all their splendor. Asparagus prices, in particular, drop to a more reasonable level at this time of year, and these tender green spears become an accessory to just about every meal I prepare, despite breakfast.

Whether or not you have access to a garden, a balcony, a patio or a sunny threshold, come these warmer evenings, the meals we all cook tend to have a different atmosphere: certainly more casual, and perhaps more common with time .

There is a carelessness in the way we plate and serve the food we eat when it is sunny, and as with the ice cream, which I serve this week, it can create a holiday mood even if it is eaten only two meters from your kitchen sink.


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