A glimpse of the spring floods in Timmins (14 photos)


Water levels on Porcupine Lake and the Mattagami River are increasing.

With spring melt and rain, a flood warning is in effect for the Mattagami River.

Although the extent of the flooding is unknown, a statement from the Timmins Flood Advisory Committee encourages people living near the Mattagami River to monitor development conditions.

The committee requests that unsecured materials and equipment be removed from the shores of the region’s lakes and rivers.

“Residents must also be prepared with a home emergency plan if an emergency is declared. Parents are asked to educate their children about the dangers of playing in and around lakes, rivers and streams, “reads a notice from the flood committee.

The Mattagami Region Conservation Authority (MRCA) has a declaration of aquatic safety in effect for Porcupine and Kamiskotia lakes.

According to the MRCA, this means that there are “high flows, dangerous banks, melting ice or other factors that could be dangerous for recreational users such as fishermen, canoeists, hikers, children , pets, etc. No flooding is expected. “


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