“A blessing”: Vaughan man with COVID-19 comes out after 3 weeks of induced coma in intensive care


After spending approximately five weeks in an Ontario hospital, a 55-year-old man was finally able to find his family and friends after he recovered from COVID-19.

Mario Bottoni was admitted to North York General Hospital on April 1 after experiencing shortness of breath. His family thought he was having a heart attack and took him to the emergency room.

Within 24 hours, Bottoni was put on ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU), where he remained in an induced coma for three weeks. His family said that of the six people who were brought to intensive care at the time following COVID-19, only two survived.

“It was getting worse and worse. We actually thought we were going to lose him, “his sister-in-law Julia Amini told CTV News Toronto.

After about three weeks, Buttoni was able to leave intensive care, but his kidneys were badly damaged and he remained in hospital for another two weeks.

“When I heard them say” he’s not in shape “, I was afraid I had not had a chance to say goodbye to my children. My wife just dropped me off and she had to leave, so I didn’t have time to say goodbye to her, “said Buttoni.

“It’s just a blessing,” he said of his recovery.

On May 5, he was finally released. He met his wife and two children outside the hospital, where they hugged before driving him to his home in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Upon arrival, Buttoni met with a hundred family, friends and neighbors, all of whom had lined up the street with placards and balloons to greet him at his home. He seemed to be genuinely surprised, saying that “he didn’t even know he knew so many people.”

“The excitement in my heart, my heart is beating right now,” said Buttoni’s brother-in-law as he stood on the street.

“There were three nights when he was very sick, couldn’t breathe completely. The updates we received were all negative. “

“Then we started getting good news and everyone started cheering up. “

Amini said the whole experience was an incredible challenge for the family, who had died unrelated to COVID-19 a few weeks earlier. She said the hospital staff, especially the health workers inside the intensive care unit, were amazing and provided her with daily updates.

“They actually told us it was a miracle, Mario, that he survived it,” said Amini.

Buttoni described COVID-19 as a “terrible disease” and said that he was grateful to his friends and family for their continued support.

“It made a difference,” he said.

Provincial health officials said on Tuesday that the total number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario is now over 18,000, including deaths and recoveries.


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