8,000 people quarantined in China amid new coronavirus infections: live coverage


Chinese authorities have quarantined 8,000 people in the northeast of the country.

Officials concerned about a resurgence of the virus have quarantined 8,000 people and reintroduced lockouts in northeast China, even as other parts of the country further loosen the restrictions.

Residents of Jilin, the second largest city in Jilin Province, have been largely banned from leaving the city, media reported after a cluster of infections was reported there and in Shulan another city ​​under his administration. Shenyang, capital of neighboring Liaoning province, said on Saturday that anyone who has traveled there from Jilin City since April 22 would be quarantined in a hospital for three weeks.

A Twitter user named Joey published reports of the couple’s attempt to visit the social media, writing: “Omg Jacinda Ardern has just tried to join Olive and has been rejected because she is full. Other social media users were delighted with how the situation unfolded. “Egalitarian New Zealand is real and wonderful”, Jaq Tweedi said.

But the couple were finally allowed to have dinner, and Joey released a photograph of them pay their bills.

Mrs. Ardern’s fiancé, Clarke Gayford, with whom she shares a daughter, responded in a Tweeter Saturday in the post saying, “I have to take responsibility, I’m not organized and I don’t book anywhere. He added that they were chased by the cafe “when a place became available”.


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