7 changes to Surrey Wetherspoon pubs as chain prepares to reopen


Wetherspoon pubs in Surrey are preparing to reopen once they receive the green light from the government.

Although the ad chain remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a plan to protect staff and customers – which means you may notice changes when you finally get a chance to taste a pint.

The company has 10 Surrey pubs, including The Rodboro Buildings in Bridge Street, Guildford, The Jack Phillips, in High Street, Godalming and The Jack Fairman, in Victoria Road, Horley.

Danny Nixon, director of The Rodboro Buildings, said: “Currently, the government has not confirmed any dates to reopen the pubs.

“However, it is important that we are ready for any announcement.

“We spent a number of weeks consulting with the staff who work in our pubs, as well as the area managers, to develop our plans. The safety of staff and customers is paramount. ”

These are the seven changes you may notice the next time you enter your local spoons.

1. Additional screens

The changes include all pubs with screens at checkout points. There will also be screens to create seating areas where it is not possible to separate tables to meet the requirement of social distancing.

2. Dedicated staff to maintain social distance

According to a pub spokesperson, new social distancing measures will lead to the employment of two full-time employees per pub, and a little more for larger pubs, who will regularly clean the surfaces and contact points in the different places.

Dedicated staff will monitor the pub at all times to maintain standards of social distancing and there will be a staff member at the door during peak hours.

All staff will receive a full briefing and training on the new way to manage the pub.

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3. Employee protection

Reopened pubs will also provide gloves, masks and goggles. Employees can choose to wear them or not, subject to government directives.

Each employee will be required to complete and sign a daily health assessment questionnaire to confirm that they are fit for work. This will include taking their temperature using a digital thermometer.

4. Sanitized distributors for customers

There will be an average of ten hand sanitizer dispensers around each pub, including at the entrance for customers and staff.

The pub will have a full-time staff member (two employees per pub to cover all business hours) to sanitize all touchpoints during business hours.

These will include door handles, allergen information displays, card payment machines and handrails.

5. Entrance

Pubs will use an entrance with a separate exit door if possible.

Entrance and exit of customers will be signaled by floor stickers and / or barriers and clear printed information will guide customers as they enter the pub.

The Jack Phillips, Godalming

6. Order by contactless payment

Customers will be invited to use the Wetherspoon ordering and payment application, where possible, or to pay at the bar using a contactless credit / debit card, although cash is accepted.

Staff will return all drinks containing the base of each glass and when ordered by the app, they will be delivered to the table on a tray and placed on the table using the base of each glass.

7. A reduced food menu

Food will be delivered to the table by a floor staff member. The pub will also offer a slightly reduced menu and provide sachets (ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc.), rather than their usual condiment bottles.


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