49ers Joe Staley Names Nick Bosa One Of The Tougher Defenders He Has Met


Remember last year when Joe Staley named former San Francisco 49ers defenseman Justin Smith the strongest defensive lineman he has ever faced, but was he the hardest to block in all? Maybe not.

Staley has faced countless defensive linemen in his 13 NFL seasons before announcing his retirement last weekend. It’s a large sample of opponents. He joined 95.7 The Game on Wednesday and was asked which player stood out as the most difficult to block during his illustrious career.

“The hardest guy to block for me throughout my career?” DeMarcus Ware has always been a challenge against him in a game situation, “said Staley to Damon Bruce and Ray Ratto. “I never felt like I left the game with positive thoughts about my game. He was just a very difficult player to face, to prepare for. He was so unique in everything he did with power, speed and length. , and the technique he used. I mean, it was just amazing. “

Staley said he will always remember facing Michael Strahan, whom he watched when he was young. Staley was fortunate enough to face Strahan during the rookie’s offensive tackle season in 2007, and Strahan’s last before retiring.

“He taught me a ton because I got my ass kicked in this game,” said Staley. “It has taught me a ton about how to prepare and not be pushed around by an opponent. It has really helped a ton in my career. “

Then Staley mentioned the “Smith brothers”, teammates Justin and Aldon.
“It was just amazing to be able to train against them,” said Smith. “They made me an immensely better football player just because you had to be there all the time or you were going to expose yourself in practice. Another more recent teammate also comes to mind.

“And then Nick (Bosa), last year, just at the training camp I had with him,” added Smith. “I just realized how special he was and how talented he would be for a footballer. “

In February, Bosa was named the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year and was one of the main reasons the 49ers’ rush improved a lot last season.

You can listen to the full conversation with Staley below.


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