35 other hospital patients died from coronavirus in Anglia area | Anglia


The NHS reported the deaths of 35 more patients in hospitals in the Anglia area, the highest number on Sunday in three weeks.

The number of deaths reported on a Sunday and a Monday has tended to decrease temporarily due to delays in the notification. Last Sunday, the NHS announced the death of 14 patients, on May 10, 25 deaths were announced and 39 were declared on May 3.

Part of today’s increase in numbers is down to 13 patients who died at Luton & Dunstable Bedfordshire hospital between 9 and 17 May, but the deaths have just been included in the figures.

Kettering The General Hospital reported that seven patients have died in the past few days, including six Thursday and Friday.

No deaths have been reported at Milton Keynes hospital since May 15

In the past seven days, the NHS has announced that an average of 31 patients per day have died from coronavirus in hospitals in the Anglia area. It’s the same number as the previous seven days.

The total number of patients who have died from the disease in the Anglia region since the start of the pandemic in hospitals in the region is 3.477.

NHS figures do not include those who die in nursing homes or in the community. This information is only available locally on a weekly basis.

When data released by the Office of National Statistics on Tuesday is included, the regional death toll stands at almost 4,900.

Total number of deaths of Covid-19 patients in hospitals in the Anglia area

NHS England figures at 5 p.m. on Saturday 23 May 2020 published on Sunday

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