346 more coronavirus deaths in UK hospitals


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The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has risen to at least 28,321 after the deaths of an additional 346 people in hospitals.

The toll was updated after England recorded an additional 327 hospital deaths, 14 others in Wales and five more in Northern Ireland. Scotland has yet to release figures today.

The number in the UK will increase even later today, when deaths in nursing homes and the wider community are announced.

Previously, the Ministry of Health only included deaths in hospitals in its daily figures. The government began including nursing home deaths in their numbers earlier this week when it feared it would reflect a significant number of hidden deaths.

The United Kingdom now has the third highest number of deaths recorded in the world after the United States and Italy.

Latest news and updates on coronavirus

This was partly attributed to a slow approach to testing and tracing, which the government aims to change with a new application tested this week on the Isle of Wight.

A medical worker takes a swab to test a visitor’s new COVID-19 coronavirus at a driving test facility at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort (photo: Getty)

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said, “The idea is that we will encourage as many people as possible to take up this issue as possible. It’s going to be a huge national effort and we need to make it work 50 to 60% of people use this app.

“Not everyone has a smartphone, and I appreciate that for a variety of reasons, not everyone downloads it, but it will be the best possible way to help the NHS. “

He stressed that the application would be completely confidential.

The application will be at the heart of the Government’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus and will consist of alerting people who have been in contact with an infected person and asking them to isolate themselves.

In the meantime, the National Statistics Office has released an interactive map showing where the deaths from coronavirus have occurred.

The highest concentration of deaths is in London, but there were also hotspots in Manchester, Liverpool and other major cities.

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