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NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 12: An NBA logo is displayed at the NBA store on 5th Avenue on March 12, 2020 in New York. The National Basketball Association has said it will suspend all games after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tests positive for coronavirus. (Photo by Jeenah Moon / Getty Images)

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The NBA Fantasy Bleacher Report 2020 general manager league begins Monday at 3 p.m. AND.

Thirty B / R employees were selected to represent each of the NBA franchises for a week of trades leading to a bogus NBA project. The objective is to weigh the advice of users and readers of the B / R application to carry out transactions and draft choices, with the aim of placing their list in the best position for future success.

B / R writer Eric Pincus will serve as the commissioner of the league and provide support to general managers who are trying to navigate the delicate world of the NBA salary cap. It will also publish an insider report every day on the website and the B / R app, breaking down the biggest moves and the most intriguing rumors.

Let’s take a look at the main details of the “GM Week” schedule (Eastern time):

  • Monday (12 p.m.): general managers unveiled
  • Monday (3 p.m.): opening of the league, start of discussions
  • Tuesday-Saturday (1 p.m.): insider report
  • Tuesday (2 p.m.): Howard Beck AMA
  • Saturday (7 p.m.): 2020 NBA model
  • Sunday (1 p.m.): GM victory announced

It is important to remember that the whole process is treated as a week in real time leading to the draft of the NBA, so the exchanges will be based on the NBA contracts 2019-2020, and there will be no signature of a free brand agent since the free agency comes after the project.

In addition, general managers will use the ESPN business machine as a basic exam for each transaction before obtaining final approval from Pincus.

Other key details include:

Negotiable contracts

Players waiting for free, unrestricted or restricted agents are not available for trade. Players who have a player option in their contract for the 2020-21 NBA season are also prohibited, but those with team options that are exercised by the GM can be dealt with.

Notable players with contracts on the verge of skyrocketing – “poison pill” deals – like Ben Simmons of the Sixers or Jamal Murray of the Nuggets will be treated differently with advice from Pincus.

NBA Draft Lottery

The lottery will take place via the Tankathon simulation before the opening of the league on Monday and will be relayed to the general managers so that they know their place in order before the trading season.

2020 NBA Draft

A fake complete two-round project will take place on Saturday, with exchanges allowed during the process. The current NBA ranking will be used to define order outside the lottery.

Mock Draft Grades

Launderer report NBA draft expert Jonathan Wasserman will assess each selection on Saturday night to assist in the final evaluation of each general manager.


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