2020 49ers calendar reveals leaks and follow-up updates: Shanahan vs. Kingsbury Week 1


The San Francisco 49ers have announced that they will post the official calendar on their website at 4:30 p.m. PT. We will publish the program soon after. We know who the Niners will face, but we don’t know the order. Let’s spend the next few hours examining some of the rumors circulating. A report by ESPN’s John Clayton on Wednesday said teams will play their opponents first off the conference floor. Based on some schedule leaks that we saw on Thursday, this is not true. the Packers play the Vikings during week 1, for example. Based on the opening of the 49ers house, this is not true.

49ers plan to leak

Be careful not to fall into the wrong. If an account that was created in April 2020 tweets and has the nickname, @SuperpluggedinSchedulemaker, it’s probably not someone you should trust. Here is what I have heard so far.

Week 1 – against cardinals

Week 2 – @ Jets

Week 3 – @ Giants

Week 7 – vs Patriots 1:25 p.m. PT – Source

Week 9 – @ Cardinals

Week 10 – @ Saints, 1:25 p.m. PT – Source ($ ubscription)

Week 14 – @ Bills, 5:20 p.m. PT MNF! – Source (rumor)

Week 15 – @ Cowboys

Week 17 – vs Seahawks

I have been looking forward to a Thanksgiving game against Dallas for several reasons, but that does not happen. I’m not sure how many prime time games the 49ers have, but if it’s not as much as expected, you can blame Tampa Bay’s new QB. The word is that Bucs are all over the prime time calendar, so be prepared for that to rock you all year round.

For me, having Arizona at the start of the season is a blessing, even if it’s a home game. Yes, you give Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray a few months to plan the game, but generally the games in week 1 are sloppy and don’t have a great run.

Play New York teams early and back-to-back is a great location, so San Francisco doesn’t have to travel back and forth. This place will go wild if the Niners don’t start 3-0. Three young quarterbacks to start the season. Yes please.

Matt Breida’s revenge game is week 7. Miami will be a fun team to watch.

The other two games I have heard are the Saints and the Seahawks. New Orleans writer Nick Underhill released the calendar of Saints earlier Thursday morning. Ideally, San Francisco took care of the business, and week 17 doesn’t matter. It’s good that the match is at Levi’s Stadium. We will continue to update as new leaks occur. Feel free to share any leaks in the comments.


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