170 social workers call the UK whistleblower hotline during the Covid-19 crisis | Society



In the new report, When the Silence Wins, Eileen Chubb, founder of Compassion in Care, who is herself a former whistleblower, writes: “During this crisis, I saw the whistleblowing process shift to a unprecedented speed, at such a high volume. and involving whistleblowing issues which are without exception extremely serious.

“What emerges from these cases is the lack of action by employers in response to real concerns. While I have gathered solid evidence for two decades proving that whistleblower compliance policies have always been; and will always be completely ineffective in protecting whistleblowers, the Covid-19 crisis has exposed the true cost of a law favorable to compliance, this cost is a loss of life and avoidable suffering for an unprecedented scale.

“The working conditions of the staff are horrible, the physical and mental health check-up is enormous. The fear of going to work every day with little or too often no PPE at all is corrosive to health and confidence. “

The report includes comments from social workers, whose identities have been anonymized for their protection, who have contacted the charity’s helpline. One said, “There are no nurses here. We have to take care of people. People are in distress, they don’t have enough air. It’s just horrible. We don’t have time to hold their hands. I loved working here but I hate it now, I am ashamed of the care when I was proud of it. They don’t listen to us. “

Another whistleblower said, “The first few days I think we were all running around with adrenaline, then people got sick, I don’t know what I expected but not that, these people need nursing care, they need to be hospitalized. We take care of people without PPE. We only have gloves and they run out.

“I thought this business was going well until I whistled, they said I let the team moan about it, they told all the other staff that I was complaining about them, this n not true that I reported concerns that people should be sent to the hospital and the staff were at risk without PPE, I felt I had no choice but to leave, c was so horrible. “


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