103-year-old woman beats the virus in France


Doctors and nurses made the gesture for the woman hospitalized for three months suffering from a mild form of the virus. You can see the video of his departure from here.

Hélène François said: “I’m a badass. I wanted to heal, I wanted to get out of it. It came and went. God protects you. “

Ms. François is a source of hope and encouragement, said staff at Courbevoie Hospital (Hauts-de-Seine).

Caring nurse Carine Mensah said, “We have lost many patients who are much younger. See it so dynamic and cross it, especially … When we have victories like that, it allows us to continue, to give more and to be more serene. “

Mrs. François is described as energetic by her grand-nephew who was not surprised to see her at home.

She went through the Spanish flu epidemic that killed an estimated 50 million people a century ago and survived the Covid-19 epidemic.

There have been 142,411 registered cases of Covid-19 in France with 28,108 deaths in hospitals and nursing homes while 61,213 have been discharged so far.


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