100 km of travel forms for France not yet ready


Indeed, a new law necessary for the implementation of the measure has not been finalized.

In his deconfinement speech last week, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that new forms will be available from today on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the new rules restricting long distance travel .

However, they won’t be ready until at least tonight.

This is because the regular attestation forms that people have to use every time they leave their home for shopping, a medical visit, exercise or to help family members are not no longer required from this morning.

The new forms will be necessary for long journeys (see previous article here). When they are ready, they should be available on the ministry’s attestation page here.

This delay is explained by the fact that the rule limiting long journeys is contained in a law extending the state of health emergency until July.

The government had hoped that this law would now be in force, but it still has to be examined by the Constitutional Council, which takes place only today. This is a final check to see if the law is in accordance with the Constitution.

The government therefore requests that, in the meantime, people be “responsible” for respecting the general principle that long journeys of 100 km or more between the home and another department should only be made for urgent work reasons or family.

However, there will be no fines or forms until the Constitutional Council has given the green light.

The same principle – no fine but people must be responsible – applies to a rule according to which the use of public transport in Ile-de-France at peak times (between 6:30 am and 9:30 am and 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm) should be mainly limited to workers with certification. of their employer saying that it is necessary for them to go to work.

The other main rules announced today for the start of deconfinement, such as the reopening of shops and the obligation to wear masks on public transport, are now in place.


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