Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s former teammate unveils the turbulent star fate at LA Galaxy


Former Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy teammate Joao Pedro revealed colorful stories about the larger-than-life figure during his time at the American club.

Ibrahimovic joined Galaxy from Manchester United in 2018 and had a generally successful year and a half before joining AC Milan in November.

But in an interview with Portuguese media Record Pedro, he recalled how angry Ibrahimovic was after a late loss that he even threatened to kill some of his teammates.

“We had an outside clash against the Houston Dynamo,” said Pedro.

“We went 1-0, they came back, we tied 2-2, in the last minutes, they scored to make 3-2. At the end of the match [Zlatan] gave us a roast.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a prolific fate at LA Galaxy

” [He said] “Look, if you came here to go to the beach, walk around Hollywood, say it, but tell me now. I have 300 million in the bank, an island, I don’t need it at all.

“‘ The first person to open his mouth, I’m going to kill him, I’m really going to kill him. ‘ “

Ibrahimovic certainly never lacked confidence, and Pedro also remembered a time when the Swede refused to take a back seat in a training match.

He continued, “We were about to play a kickabout match, 11 against 11, and someone asked,” Who is kicking off? Our assistant said, “Joao Pedro, because it’s his birthday today,” “he said.

Ibrahimovic has now moved to AC Milan

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“Ibrahimovic turned to him and said,” Every day is my birthday. Give me the ball. And he laughed. ”

The 38-year-old has since scored four goals in ten games in Milan, but said his farewell in Los Angeles with a generally confident social media post that said, “I came, I saw, I have conquered. Thank you @lagalaxy for making me feel alive again. To Galaxy fans – you wanted Zlatan, I gave you Zlatan. You are welcome. The story continues … Now come back to watch baseball. ”


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