Zaza Pachulia still impressed by the undisputed greatness of the 2016-17 warriors


Listening and watching the likes of Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr and Zaza Pachulia lately, it’s as if the warriors of the present and the recent past only understand now that their dream has come true.

Which makes sense. When could they have enjoyed these past five years? They have been too busy with nine-month seasons and nine-day summers to fully grasp the magnitude of their accomplishments.

Now, with routine activities on hold, it floats in their hearts and minds. They fill the void by turning around, and what they see is their breath.

You see Curry and Chris Paul looking back that night in 2015 when Steph put CP on skates and placed it on the floor of the Staples Center. They’re laughing now, but that piece was Curry planting a Warriors flag as his team appropriated the Los Angeles Clippers.

You listen to Pachulia become euphoric about the days when he was the goalkeeper for Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Curry. And become nostalgic for games, post-games and camaraderie, especially in 2016-17, when KD arrived.

“Even watching teams now,” Pachulia told NBC Sports Bay Area, “I don’t see any team – even us – but none of the 30 teams is even close to what was going on with the 2016-17 team. . “

The team took an absolute beating from the Spurs at the opening night, 129-100, at home. The Warriors regrouped and won 16 of their next 17 games. They were 50-9 before losing consecutive games. They had a 14-game winning streak, a 12-game winning streak and two seven-game streaks.

They were 67-15, while treating the regular season as a repeat for the playoffs, which they opened with a streak of 15 consecutive wins.

“It may sound selfish,” said Zaza. “But the atmosphere and the energy and the chemistry, the type of basketball that we played … I don’t think we’re going to see anything like that in the near future.

“And I’m not even talking about talent. Should we talk about talent? It was crazy. Crazy. Look, in the parking lot of our establishment, on my right side was KD and on my left side was Steph. It was incredible. It’s always amazing. “

You hear Kerr remember the games and the games and moments that deserve a chapter in a book.

“When you go back and think about the games or watch individual games, it’s amazing how great this team was,” said Kerr recently. “And how well they played together despite the different staff changes.”

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These guys never get tired of reliving it because they haven’t relived it enough to have enough.

Someday there will be a documentary about the Warriors from 2014-2019. Given the collection of talents, the ups and downs, must be the internal struggles they attributed to the fact that family members are looking for the best in each other.

Remember when Klay described these questions as “little quarrels?” Defined, in short, as a disagreement that goes beyond the baseline for quarrels but does not reach the level of argument.

The calmest people in the room under these circumstances were Klay and Zaza, the friends who perfectly centered this vast space between comatose and excited.

And now Zaza is talking about team dinners. Again with the family. And the party that Curry organized that led to the team’s famous aerial photo against the backdrop of Super Villains. Everyone looked up except Klay, who was checking his phone.

“We had a photo taken by a drone!” Reminds Pachulia. “We wanted to make sure everyone was there, but it was difficult with so many tall people to make everyone visible from a right angle. So we decided to fly the drone and took the photo this way. “

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These warriors were young. Winning was cool. The defeat, especially the 2016 final, gave them an incentive to heat white. Their response has been a season for the ages, part of the conversation with renowned clubs such as the ‘27 New York Yankees, ’72 Miami Dolphins and ’85 Chicago Bears.

“Now that I have so much time, I can watch as much,” said Pachulia. ” I hope you are joking? I appreciate every box-out and every screen. It’s the best thing I could have done for this team, set up screens for these incredible shooters. We win. We destroy everyone.

“But you actually had to be in the locker room to really understand everything I mean. Many people might wonder what I am talking about. But I tell you, with all the details, the little details, the big details, winning a championship, building relationships, friendships, taking care of each other, enjoying it and having fun.

“Dude, it was priceless. “


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