Your Leo horoscope for April



  • April 7: A little hot goss is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • April 19: There is no going back now.
  • April 22: It’s time to step up your game.

    Let’s come to the hunt, Leo. You appreciate the attention. So all of this ~ stuck at home ~ it’s not really your scene. I’m here to tell you, Leo love, that you have full permission to look into your drama. It’s a great opportunity to start a YouTube channel, learn a TikTok dance, or just stream your daily experiences. You are governed by the Sun, the living star that lights up the solar system. So really, it’s not just about being seen … it’s also about building a community. Don’t be afraid to shine!

    An important planetary connection occurs on April 4, when abundant Jupiter aligns with transforming Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto have not met since 2007, and similarly, this connection marks the start of a new 13-year cycle. With these two celestial bodies working together, you are inspired to reinvent your lion ” s den. Think about the ways in which your home can also become your studio: can you carve out a small space for meditation? Or an easel installed? Or maybe … um … a scene? But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, Leo love: Jupiter and Pluto will also connect on June 30 and November 12, so you have plenty of time to set the wheels in motion.

    Each month, we can count on the full moon to provide clarity and advice. And, on April 7, this Full Moon in Libra arrives in the heat… you are about to receive a very juicy drama. Think of last month’s New Moon in Aries (March 24) – did you hear of anything that totally rocked your world? Welp, darling lion, there are a lot more where it comes from, so get ready for serious tea time. But sip slowly … you don’t want to get burned!

    On April 19, the Sun enters the terrestrial domain of Taurus. The Moon joins the party the next day, the two lights meeting to form a New Moon. The new moons are a time to unwind, refresh and relax. But not for you, Leo love! You have * enough * rest and now you are ready to fly. Prepare yourself, because under this sky, you can be presented with a major professional opportunity. Whether you take on new projects at work or start your own business, you will climb the ladder straight up. And how far is it going, Leo baby? It’s up to you to decide! Nothing can stop you now.


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