Young BGT breaks hearts with sad confessions before incredible hearing


British dancer Got Talent, Yakub, melted hearts on Saturday night with his honest uncertainty about his future.

Justice Alesha Dixon was amazed at what the 10-year-old had to say in particular to her question.

She asked what judges often question interviewees – if they think they can win the whole show.

Judges are often faced with provocative claims of hopes that they may be the act of winning the series.

But Alesha and those of the public got more than they bargained for when little Yakub did the opposite.

Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Yakub melted hearts

He said, “No,” not convinced he could come out on top of this series.

Alesha, her fellow judges and the crowd could not hide their reactions to the sad admission.

It didn’t take long for him to see that he could go on and win the whole show, but it quickly turned out just when he finished his impressive dance routine.

BGT judge Alesha Dixon was stunned by his response

While Yakub’s nanny Juliet was waiting on the side of the stage with hosts Ant and Dec, she couldn’t believe her answer either.

But it was clear on her face that the little one had a lot to give before he even started dancing, she soon cried proudly as he took his time to shine.

Alesha was seen smiling as Yakub made a number of important and impressive moves for his biggest crowd to date.

Yakub’s family caregiver proudly watched his BGT audition

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As his performance came to an end, he was applauded and the crowd cheered him on.

To the applause, the 10-year-old couldn’t believe the reaction he was receiving and continued to look back at his proud foster parent.

Simon was quick to remind him of his potential, referring to his previous comment.

Yakub’s performance wowed judges

He said, “I’m going to have to disagree with you, I’m afraid.

“You have star quality and this is what we call a wow moment. “

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on ITV.


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