Yasiel Puig says several teams have made offers


Let’s not forget that there are a number of large established leagues that have not signed this winter and are still available to MLB teams. And even if there isn’t Dallas Keuchels or Craig Kimbrels there, the teams could still find value in free will. Without a doubt, the biggest name still on the market is a 29 year old outfielder Yasiel Puig. Former Dodger, no longer the rookie dynamite who burst onto the scene in 2013, struggled to strike a deal over the winter, and the delayed season means he will have to spend more time without a team.

Puig has been reported to have turned down a 10 million dollar contract offer from a National League team during the offseason, and the consensus is that the Marlins made the offer. But Puig said in an interview with Jorge Ebro of el Nuevo Herald that there are teams in addition to the Marlins who have offered him a deal since then. He says the Marlins were among the first to bid, adding that his price was higher for Miami, where his Cuban fan base could be expected to unreasonably expect him to spend 5 for 5 every night.

Of course, with the lists currently frozen and the transactions pending, Puig will not be able to sign until the MLB has set a date for the opening day and the baseball operations can operate normally. Having said that, there may be enough interest that, when the time comes, Puig’s extended free agency will end.

We do not know how many teams have bid or the identity of these teams. Many teams that have started the offseason with outdoor requirements have already approached these positions, so there are relatively few good adjustments left for Puig. However, the Giants have floated their names as a team that may be on the Puig services market and are rumored to be considering it before the shutdown. On a speculative basis, a reconstruction team like the Tigers may be in the mix, but there is nothing concrete to suggest.

Puig said he did not think there would be an MLB season in 2020, but if there were, he would be on the field for a team. And if not, he is confident that he will be back in 2021. There is no doubt that he brings a unique spice to the game, so hopefully he will find a place on an MLB list before the return of baseball. .


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