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WrestleMania 36’s main event, Night One was a cinematic masterpiece. It was a fantastic production from a much-maligned WWE creative team and the perfect example of what they can accomplish when they think outside the box.

Taking place in a distant cemetery, or “boneyard” in this case, the match saw AJ Styles remove all possible shortcuts to defeat The Undertaker. Neither the interference of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows nor the Druids could win The Phenomenal One.

Even when he placed a clearly battered and breathless Undertaker in the grave and attempted to burial, Big Evil rose from the great beyond and crushed him. He systematically eliminated the rest of The OC before stifling the styles of the tin roof of a barn.

From there he spoke. He talked a lot, asking Styles if he wanted to and making fun of him asking if he was an “old man” now. Then he buried him to win and win his motorcycle, his symbol displaying the side of the barn.

There was a lot of uncertainty before this game. WWE has a long history of overproduced, cheesy, and unintentionally comic pre-recorded vignettes, so there was reason to fear that Saturday’s game would be a group of epic proportions.

Instead, it was a revolutionary game on the big wrestling scene that may have created the blueprint for upcoming The Deadman games.




Someone gets an Emmy in WWE because he just broke the star system.

Number of stars: ********** ½


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