WWE Sends Coronavirus Note Before TV Recordings This Week


Raw was broadcast from WWE Performance Center
The shows are broadcast from the WWE Performance Center.

As WWE plans to organize more television recordings, officials have released a memo to wrestlers and staff.

TMZ Sports reports that this note explained to them how they plan to protect everyone during this time while the coronavirus continues.

The email described work protocols during the COVID-19 outbreak. It has been noted that the WWE medical team will continue to take the temperature of all those who work the tapes before entering the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Talents are allowed to arrive early in the building due to security measures which cause delays in the entry of people into the training center.

It was noted that WWE officials were very pleased with how things went with the recent TV and WrestleMania 36 recordings two weeks ago. The company plans to use similar protocols for the recordings that will take place this week.

Once the work is done inside the building, they are encouraged to wear a face mask. If they cannot get one, they are encouraged to do one. There were instructions on how to make a mask by sewing on fabric, wearing a bandana or tearing off an old t-shirt sleeve.

According to the memo, the masks will have to come off when the cameras are running for the recorded programs. There was a reminder to wash your hands before and after handling masks, and to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds was mentioned.

WWE plans to start recording several episodes of RAW, NXT and SmackDown from this Friday until next Thursday.

The plan is to continue following CDC guidelines for the epidemic and keep talent staying in a hotel and recording in waves.


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