WWE raw results, recap, notes: WWE title surprise match, debut and comeback after WrestleMania 36


Raw after WrestleMania has traditionally been one of WWE’s unpredictable nights of the year. With the coronavirus pandemic underway forcing the promotion to pre-record its weekly flagship show, it was uncertain how WWE would succeed in bringing the same level of drama to the show this year. The response was a few minor surprise appearances and the broadcast of a secret WrestleMania game.

While the majority of Raw rotated between squash matches and fights, much more than normal time in order to fill the three-hour duration of the show, it ended with one of the moments most unique in recent WWE television history. Images were released showing Drew McIntyre coming to the ring for an interview, just 20 minutes after defeating Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania 36 to become WWE Champion. The Big Show would interrupt McIntyre, challenging a title match, leading to the first time that WWE has hosted a secret title match at WrestleMania.

Among other notable moments from the empty WWE Performance Center, Nia Jax returned after almost a year of inactivity, Apollo Crews made the jump from SmackDown to Raw and Bianca Belair made her ring debut on Raw.

Check out the full results and notes for the shows below.

WWE Gross Results, Notes

Asuka vs. Liv Morgan: Morgan was placed in an important position to deliver against one of the best wrestlers in the division while winning against Natalya at WrestleMania. Morgan tried, but Asuka was able to lock the Asuka lock. Morgan tried the same against in a pin that allowed Becky Lynch to beat Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania, but Asuka kicked out before locking the submission again, this time adding a deep chicken wing and forcing the submission after close 15 minutes. Asuka def. Morgan via submit – Grade: B-

Raw Tag Team Championship – The Street Profits (c) against Angel Garza & Austin Theory: It was a revenge from their WrestleMania game last weekend. It played almost exactly the same as the first round until Zelina Vega intervened, grabbing the leg of Montez Ford as he mounted the tensioner, resulting in disqualification. The challengers attempted to beat the champions, just as they did the day before before Bianca Belair rushed to the rescue – just as she did the day before. After throwing Vega out of the ring, Belair challenged Vega for a match. Def Street Profits Garza & Theory via disqualification to keep the titles – Grade: C

Bianca Belair against Zelina Vega: It was Belair’s first game on Raw and it seemed to make clear that she was now part of the Raw lineup. During the match, the action ended with The Street Profits and Angel Garza & Austin Theory fighting before Theory and Ford found themselves in the ring, resulting in another disqualification. After the match, Ford challenged the heels to restart the match, this time as a six-person beacon while the show was on the air. Belair vs. Vega ended without competition – Grade: C +

The Street Profits & Bianca Belair v Angel Garza, Austin Theory & Zelina Vega: After two non-arrivals, the six competitors threw themselves into a mixed tag match. While Theory, Garza, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins wrestled in the Performance Center, Vega was finally the victim of Belair’s K.O.D. for the fall. The whole situation between the six would have been better handled without all the starts and stops, as it eventually started to look more like a giant time fill than something meaningful, somewhat tainting Belair’s debut on Raw on Raw . Street Profits and Belair Def. Garza, Theory & Vega – Grade: C

Bobby Lashley was interviewed behind the scenes. Lashley said it might be time for him to start looking for a new direction – or a new wife. At that moment, Lana interrupted him before Lashley walked away, leaving a confused Lana in his wake.

Apollo Crews vs. Aleister Black: Crews has been reported to have moved to Raw as a result of “expiring picks.” »Each match seems to serve the purpose of completing the three hours, the men had a lot of time, the match going through several commercial breaks, allowing the two men much more time than is usually given in televised matches to show their full range. The Blacks finally started targeting the Crews leg, eventually taking advantage of a hampered opponent’s opportunity to go after Black Mass, but Crews replied with a kick from him, causing the match to go on longer. After an incredibly long game, Crews ‘knee began to give in more and more until Black was finally able to explode with a black mass for the win, spoiling Crews’ transition to Raw in the process. Def. Black Crews via pinfall – Grade: B

Cedric Alexander & Ricochet against Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan: Ricochet and Alexander continued to shine as a new team on Raw, facing off against NXT Burch and Lorcan staples. The match was short – a change from most of the rest of the show – before Ricochet hit Recoil while Alexander dove out. Alexander & Ricochet def. Burch & Lorcan via pinfall – Grade: B-

A pre-recorded promo of Kevin Owens has been released. Owens spoke of his victory over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, saying that everything he endured in his career was worth it to get a WrestleMania moment he could be proud of. He said that whatever happens from now on, his message and his mentality will remain the same.

Denzel Dejournette against Seth Rollins: After losing to Owens at WrestleMania, Angry Rollins came to a point against NXT member Dejournette, crossing the former NCAA wrestler in a short time before hitting a foot for victory. Rollins def. Dejournette via pinfall – Grade: C +

Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purrazzo: Jax came back to action after nearly a year off work due to a torn ACL in both knees. She hit Purrazzo with a big Samoan Drop and a Rampaige for the quick win. Jax def. Purrazzo via pinfall. Quality: C +

A surprise defense of the WWE title by Drew McIntyre of WrestleMania has been aired. The segment showed what happened to McIntyre after winning the WWE Brock Lesnar Championship in the main WrestleMania event. McIntyre returned to the ring for an interview. McIntyre said it has only been 20 minutes since he won, so the time has not yet arrived. McIntyre thanked Paul Heyman for telling Lesnar that McIntyre would stay on the ground if he continued to hit him with more F-5s. McIntyre said his career had passed before his eyes at that time and that he had stopped hurting himself and getting angry. During his promotion, the music of the Big Show struck and he dragged a referee into the ring. Big Show said he was not there to challenge McIntyre for the title, but he wanted to face McIntyre since the two men were dressed to compete.

McIntyre said he didn’t want to fight after beating Lesnar a few moments ago, which led Big Show to say that McIntyre was afraid of him. McIntyre said there was nothing Big Show could say to convince him to fight, so Big Show delivered a slap, which led McIntrye to remove the belt and start a championship game. WWE.

WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre (c) vs. The Big Show: Show immediately led the fight to McIntyre, dominating the new champion early. Show continued to beat while demanding that McIntyre show what it was made of. McIntyre kicked Show on the body to start a comeback, but moments later he jumped into a Big Show Chokeslam for a near fall. Show went for the knockout only so that McIntyre stooped under the strike and hit a Claymore Kick to retain the title in the first secret match of WrestleMania. And how can you really complain about a secret championship match? McIntyre (c) def. Big Show via pinfall to keep the title – Grade: B +


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