WWE raw results, recap, notes: Seth Rollins hits Drew McIntyre, solid new bands


Whether you like it or not, WWE has returned to live programming – albeit still from the WWE Performance Center – for Raw, and they have started solid construction for May’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Rather than making a slow draw until May 10, the show hosted a trio of Money in the Bank women’s qualifying matches while building three male qualifying matches next week. In addition, WWE champion Drew McIntyre was again introduced, this time against Andrade after a hard night for the growing team of the United States champion.

Andrade was the man responsible for the end of McIntyre’s reign as NXT champion, hurting the Scotsman in the process. Zelina Vega helped set up the match to open the show before Andrade, Austin Theory and Angel Garza eliminated Theory and Garza’s opponents throughout the show. The champion vs champion match was the main event of the night, but after three hours of construction, it was not the man either but Seth Rollins who finished the show standing.

Let’s take a look at everything that happened during a very strong edition of Raw with many significant moments and strong action in the ring.

WWE Gross Results, Notes

WWE champion Drew McIntyre opened the show in the ringthanking fans for their support and discussing the surreal situation of beating Brock Lesnar to win the title at WrestleMania 36 and then having to beat The Big Show 20 minutes later. McIntyre said he has set the tone for his reign and that anyone who deserves a chance to win the title will get a chance to win the title before being interrupted by Andrade and manager Vega. McIntyre admitted he remembered that Andrade had beaten him for the NXT championship and injured him in the process. McIntyre said that if Andrade wanted a champion vs. champion match, he had it … tonight.

Asuka vs. Ruby Riott in a Money in the Bank women’s qualifier: It was a solid opening game for the show with two of the best pure wrestlers in the women’s locker room. Riott managed to give as good as she got until Riott went for a scent back from the second rope. Asuka turned the miss into an almost sinking in the Asuka lock. Riott managed to counter the first attempt in a near fall, but moments later Asuka locked the jack for the submission victory, qualifying her for the Money in the Bank ladder match. After the match, Asuka announced, “Money in the bank, no one is ready for Asuka. ” Asuka def. Riott via submit – Grade: B

MVP announced that next week on Raw there will be three Money in the Bank qualifying matches. These matches will be Rey Mysterio against Murphy, Aleister Black against Austin Theory and Apollo Crews against MVP.

Aleister Black vs. Oney Lorcan: Just like last week, Black had a tough and long wrestling match. Lorcan and Black didn’t spend nearly 30 minutes like Black and Apollo Crews last week, but it might have been better for that. Lorcan and Black broke through with heavy strikes throughout the match before Black finally hit Black Mass for the pine. After his victory, Black said his plan for next week’s game against Austin Theory was simply to “win.” Def. Lorcan Black via pinfall – Grade: B +

Becky Lynch cut a promo in the ring. Lynch spoke about beating Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania. Lynch said that someone like Baszler, who is a tyrant, can never beat someone who has been brought up to fight his way through anything. Raw’s female champion also dared to win the Money in the Bank winner, whatever it was, to think and name a time and place to take her over for the title.

Shayna Baszler versus Sarah Logan in a Money in the Bank women’s qualifier: Before the match, Baszler was asked about recent comments by Ronda Rousey describing professional wrestling as “false fights”; she gave no response. Baszler absolutely brutalized Logan, knocking him down before hitting her with a series of strikes, then stepping on Logan’s arm, which made Logan scream in pain and the referee stopped the game moments after the start. It did a great job of showing Baszler’s ruthlessness and struggle to face short against Lynch, even if the match was too short to be worth well beyond that pace. Baszler def. Logan via stop – Grade: B-

Austin Theory vs. Akira Tozawa: Given Theory’s place in a Money in the Bank qualifier against Aleister Black next week, WWE had to give Theory a victory and threaten to move him forward. The match was given a short time, also serving to overcome Theory’s talent against an established talent. Theory won with their TKO, which they called ATL (Austin Theory Launch). After the match, Andrade and Garza hit the ring to put a few more hits on Tozawa. Def Theory Tozawa via pinfall – Grade: B-

Rey Mysterio was interviewed behind the scenes of Money in the Bank. Mysterio said looking back in his career, 2010 stood out because he won his second championship when Kane cashed in two months later to win the title. Mysterio said he understands better than anyone how dangerous this contract can be and this year he will be Mr. Money in the Bank.

Seth Rollins cut a three-sentence promo behind the scenes. “Everyone needs something to trust,” said Rollins. “I want you to know that I’m always there for you.” Your messiah has really risen. “

Angel Garza vs. Tehuti Miles: Garza took over the jump, countering an attempt to leapfrog with a big dropkick. It didn’t take Garza much longer to finish the young NXT talent, hitting the Wing Clipper for the squash victory. Again, after the victory, the boys from Zelina Vega joined their stable mate to push the loser away. Garza def. Miles via pinfall – Grade: C +

Kairi Sane and Asuka were interviewed behind the scenes. Asuka said that Riott was not ready for her earlier that night. Sane was asked about her next match with Nia Jax, answered in Japanese and left.

Behind the scenes of a burning Drew McIntyre. He explained that he was hurt by Andrade in NXT, saying that he does not forgive and does not forget while admitting how close Andrade was to take everything he had worked so hard for.

Nia Jax against Kairi Sane in a women’s money qualifier match in the bank: For the second week in a row, Jax dominated the ring. Sane tried an early hit and run strategy, but was overwhelmed by Jax’s power before the powerhouse hit the Annihilator for victory, advancing toward Money in the Bank. Jax def. Sane via pinfall – Grade: C

Charlotte Flair cut a promo in the ring, giving “history lessons”. Flair explained how the current story began with his victory at the Royal Rumble and his choice of title to challenge. She said that she had dealt with Becky Lynch and Bayley several times and that they had not bothered to make a challenge, but Rhea Ripley made the “ballous” gesture to launch the challenge, becoming finally NXT champion by defeating her at WrestleMania. Flair said that Ripley called her because she wanted to be like “The Queen,” but she lacked the humility and understanding that “there are levels to it.” Flair said that she would teach Io Shirai a lesson, starting with the first lesson: “Everyone bows to the Queen. ” Category B

Bobby Lashley vs. No Way Jose: Lashley was in firm control of the match when he was distracted by Lana at the edge of the ring, telling him to close his mouth. This distraction almost made No Way Jose a schoolboy win. Instead, Lashley kicked and struck a spear to score the victory, having reluctantly raised his hand by Lana. Lashley beats. No Way Jose via pinfall – Grade: C +

Seth Rollins cuts backstage promo again, saying, “To all unbelievers, you have left me no alternative. Tonight I trample on all doubt. “

The Viking Raiders against Cedric Alexander & Ricochet: The Raiders returned to action for the first time in weeks against the new hot-tag team of Ricochet and Alexander, who wore matching black and yellow ring gear. A hot attack by Ricochet and Alexander was cut when Ricochet was thrown from the ring on Alexander. The match continued to come and go with a ton of action from the four men. Ultimately, the Raiders were able to hit The Viking Experience to end the match and score the big win in a truly high-end tag match, although it could be considered a bit early for the new tag team to suffer a net loss . Viking Raiders def. Alexander & Ricochet via pinfall – Grade: B +

Street Profits featured Bianca Belair in a behind the scenes interview. The moment was Belair’s “official” welcome to the Raw list. Mount Ford and Angelo Dawkins said they respect both the Viking Raiders and all Vikings, highlighting several facts, including the introduction of “egg” and “happy” in the English language. Belair told the boys to stop playing and “smoke this smoke” because they hadn’t been successful against the Raiders in the past.

Drew McIntyre (c) against Andrade (c) in an untitled match: Andrade was accompanied in the ring by Vega, Garza and Theory. Andrade opened the game with a huge chop that had no effect other than firing a whim from the WWE champion. McIntyre brutalized the challenger’s chest with a series of huge chops before the distraction allowed Andrade to resume the match by thrusting the Scot’s shoulder into the ringpost. Andrade focused on the same arm as an injured McIntyre at their NXT TakeOver meeting three years ago. McIntyre tossed Andrade over the top rope at Theory and Garza outside before Vega interfered again. McIntyre avoided the DDT hammerlock and hit a Claymore Kick to score the victory and keep his championship. McIntyre beats. Andrade via pinfall. Seth Rollins ran after the win, attacking McIntyre. A block of Garza cup allowed Rollins to hit a superkick and drop the champion. Rollins ended it off with not one, but two stomps when the show disappeared, ending a solid edition of Raw on a very intriguing note. Quality: B +


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