WWE Raw Results: April 6 Winners, Notes, Reactions and Highlights | Laundress Report


Credit: WWE.com

WWE WrestleMania 36 has defined the future of Monday Night Raw. A few key results had the chance to completely change WWE by entering the April 6 edition of the show.

Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship, knocking down Brock Lesnar. His victory over The Beast Incarnate was dominant, establishing him as the new peak of the red mark.

Edge suffered physical blows at the hands of Randy Orton, but he did not stay on the ground. He ended the assault on the viper. Now he has a chance to rewrite his story.

Kevin Owens used his field advantage to defeat Seth Rollins. With the Messiah’s reign of terror stopped for a while, no one knew what either would do next.

Becky Lynch caught Shayna Baszler in the middle of Kirifuda Clutch with a three-game hitting streak, retaining her gross women’s championship. The Queen of Spades was shocked and frustrated, while The Man has now crossed the entire female division.

Raw after WrestleMania is still explosive, and it had the potential to be a massive show from start to finish.


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