WWE News backstage on who was in charge of this moment Randy Orton against Edge


Edge Randy Orton

Wrestling Observer Radio confirmed today that the disturbing cable throttling in Edge and Randy Orton’s WrestleMania 36 Last Man Standing match had been approved by senior WWE staff, even though some members of the company were “affected By the moment.

“The Rated R Superstar” Edge made a triumphant return to single action on night two of “Mania 36”. However, his match with Randy Orton has since drawn criticism for using a weight cable to suffocate him at the start of the competition. Chris Benoit sadly killed himself in the same way, his horrible last days having recently been revisited in an episode of “Dark Side of the Ring”.

Some members of society were allegedly “affected” by this location in the match, but it was confirmed today by Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE editors were not to blame for the disturbing moment left in the grudge match .

After being shot and cut together, the match was delivered to the best WWE officials so they could approve the footage and it was here that someone at a higher level decided that the match was suitable for the goal.

It is clear that whoever made the last call for the match to be broadcast with this ill-advised moment included did not think it was a big problem or had not linked the move to Benoit’s incident a few years ago all these years.

Whatever the reasons, its eventual inclusion definitely drew the wrong kind of attention to what should have been an epic comeback.


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