WWE informs staff of possible end date, transcript of Vince McMahon’s conference call


WWE hopes that workers on leave will only leave the company for a short time.

According to Wrestling Inc, they provided an information package to affected employees indicating that a return to work date is tentative for July 1.

This date is not concrete and is likely to change depending on the uncertainties linked to the COVID-19 crisis.
The period of leave is expected to last less than six months, but the company reserves the right to end or extend at its discretion.

The company plans to pay affected employees until April 18 and they will continue to receive health insurance benefits throughout the period of leave.

Although affected individuals will not receive any paycheck from the company, they may be eligible for $ 600 per week in unemployment benefits through the Federal Aid, Rescue and Economic Security Act.

It should be noted that this only applies to company employees who have been put on leave, and not to talents in the ring who have been released.

The company has made cuts to various divisions, a number of whose employees are known to the general public.

The affected employees include a number of behind-the-scenes producers, including Fit Finlay, Lance Storm, Shawn Daivari, Billy Kidman, Kurt Angle, Mike Rotunda, Pat Buck, Sarah Stock and Shane Helms.

Vince McMahon employee cuts transcript of conference call

Before WWE made significant cuts to its workforce, Vince McMahon held a brief, company-wide conference call.


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