WWE changes recording schedule again in the name of artist safety


WWE Performance Center

Photo credit: Bill Pritchard

Vince McMahon has apparently changed his mind once again. WWE’s plan last week was to record weeks and weeks of shows, up to Money in the Bank. This would allow wrestlers to return home to their families and keep them as safe as possible, reflecting the similar strategies deployed by IMPACT and AEW.

Then, all of a sudden, the company announced that it would be performing live shows every week from the Performance Center, a decision that confused many people outside the company. Since there is a recommended quarantine period of two weeks for exposed people if they want to reduce the risk to their families, this would mean that wrestlers could never go home if they wanted to keep pregnant women and parents more safe from danger.

Now WWE has come to a middle ground, although it still isn’t the best storyline the company dropped last week. Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that RAW, SmackDown and NXT will transition from Live to Taped starting April 25, with the company recording two shows per night. This is currently scheduled until July 8. This means that artists cannot take the recommended quarantine period, but it does mean that they have a little time between recordings and that they will take fewer flights. In this global pandemic, the fewer the number of travelers, the better, even if that plan may change again in the coming weeks.

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