WWE allegedly sued Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania 36


Photo credit: WWE

In this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE had actively pursued Hulk Hogan for a non-catch role in the WrestleMania 36 festivities. It is unclear what the role would have been and whether the role would always have been valid in the modified version of the PPV that we finally got through the global pandemic. However, he did not go beyond the negotiation stage due to money problems.

They wanted Hogan for WrestleMania this year, but the two sides could not come to an agreement financially. It would not be to fight, but for an appearance

The former WWF golden boy had been sidelined for years because of his diminished reputation after the Gawker trial, but has returned more recently. The Hulk appeared briefly in Mania last year and at recent Saudi shows, but not from all angles. Since the WrestleMania 36 lacked segments involving legends, it is possible that Hogan did not appear even if the two sides could have negotiated.

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