Woman asks Alexa ‘Can you help me with the pain?’ Before I die from coronavirus alone


A resident of a nursing home in the United States asked Alexa for medical help before she died alone after contracting a coronavirus.

LouAnn Dagen, 66, died Saturday shortly after being admitted to intensive care in a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The records revealed that Ms. Dagen had spoken to her Amazon Echo several times while she was suffering from shortness of breath and other symptoms of the condition.

Her sister Penny Dagen discovered the tapes after her death, WOOD-TV reported.

About 40 recordings were made in the last few days before she succumbed to the disease.

” I am suffering. I have to find a way to relieve it, “said LouAnn Dagen in the recordings.

LouAnn Dagen, 66, Dies After Short Battle Against Illness

“Can you help me cope with the pain? “

“Oh, Alexa, I’m going to hurt. ‘

She also asked, “How can I get to the police? “

It has since emerged that 31 residents and staff have tested positive for the virus at the Metron of Cedar Springs nursing home in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

She asked questions to the Amazon Echo device in her bedroom on how to relieve pain

LouAnn, who had diabetes, was rushed to intensive care at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital after her oxygen level and blood pressure dropped on Saturday morning.

It turned out that LouAnn had been living in the health care facility for a decade after having suffered a stroke over a decade ago.

Her nursing home treated her condition by providing painkillers and a sline solution before her hospitalization.

Penny added, “They said she talked to the paramedics all the way, but when she got there she had a seizure,” said Penny.

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Coronavirus epidemic

“The hospital called me right away and told me they had put him on a respirator … They asked me to give him CPR if his heart stopped and I said, ‘No, she didn’t want that. ‘ “

“And then his heart stopped and that’s it. Half an hour after calling. “

In Michigan, 849 people died from coronaviruses and 18,970 people were infected.

In the United States, the number of cases now stands at over 400,000 – the highest total in the world.


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