Wisconsin Governor Orders Voting In Person Before Election


“There is no question that an election is as important as getting takeout,” said Speaker of the House of Commons Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in a statement. joint declaration Friday, after the convocation of Evers to the extraordinary session. “Our Republic must continue to function and the many local government positions on the ballot must be filled so that the municipalities can react quickly to the current crisis.”

Evers said he contacted Ohio governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, this morning for advice on how to postpone the election using his executive power.

“We have talked about how it works in Ohio and we are in very similar circumstances,” said Evers.

DeWine’s administration had made a similar move to postpone its state’s primary elections, which were originally scheduled for March 17. Ohio’s top public health official physical polling stations closed hours before the scheduled opening. This decision did not officially postpone the elections, but ultimately resulted in the Ohio State legislature. extending absentee voting in the state until April 28.


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