Winston: Coming to MSU was one of the best decisions of my life


East Lansing, Michigan – Michigan State Senior Men’s Basketball Cassius Winston (Detroit, Michigan / University of Detroit Jesuit) concluded one of the great careers in program history this year, winning All-American honors for the second consecutive year and leading the Spartans to their third Big Ten regular season title. He and his classmates took the time to say goodbye to the MSU community. Dear Michigan state basketball,

Coming to Michigan State University was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

I have no regrets at all about my decision to come here, whether on or off the field. I feel like on the field, I did everything I could as a player. I grew up, I got better and my weaknesses made them strong, in a way. Off the field, it was incredible. The way the campus treats me, the way the professors interact with me, the way the students interact with me. It was an incredible experience here for me at Michigan State.

Entering campus before entering Wonders (Hall) my first year, there were so many unknowns. I didn’t know what this trip would bring me, I didn’t know what the state of Michigan would present to me. I came open-minded and excited. I embraced the trip. I did not rush the results, I embraced each step. Looking back and where I am now, I think I have chosen the best way to do it. I didn’t try to look too far. I didn’t think about it afterwards. I stayed in the moment and enjoyed every moment I could, through the ups and downs. It wasn’t all pretty, it wasn’t very sweet, but I stayed in the moment. I fought my way through the lows and kissed the highs. I think my trip here has been incredible for me.

Being a senior and playing on the team, especially at Michigan State, you know you are guaranteed two more games. Once your regular season is over, you know you have a game in the Big Ten game and a game in the NCAA tournament. You know your time is running out, you know one of these games will be the last, but you know you have at least two more and you have a chance to run. You know you have a chance to run in the tournament, run in the NCAA tournament, so you have the chance to play many more games. It’s a whole different season if you win. You train and prepare, and we had our last game on the Breslin, but it was not my last game. In my head, this was not going to be my last game. I still had a lot to prove, I still had a lot to do. And then all of a sudden we trained hard one day and at the end of training, the season is over. You cannot prepare for something that will stop without your knowledge. At first you are in shock.

My career here at Michigan State is over. There are no more games. It doesn’t strike you at that time. It will probably strike you a few days later when you are ready to get up and work out. In March, it’s when you get stronger and prepare to win a championship. You are ready to go practicing, but you have nothing to do, there is literally nothing to do. It’s crazy, things can end so suddenly.

To my fans, my teammates, my coaches, thank you. Thank you for staying with me, thank you for being there for me when it was difficult, thank you for being by my side. It was incredible.

My stay here in the state of Michigan was wonderful and I thank you all. I couldn’t do it myself. I couldn’t do it without a family to kiss me. I appreciate everyone who participated in this trip. I appreciate all those who pushed me, who improved me, who motivated me.

I like where I am now, I like the way I ended my career, I like the things I have accomplished and I hope I can carry them over to the next step.

The biggest lesson I have learned here during my time is to kiss every moment, to kiss every day. Do not try to shorten anything, do not try to come out of nothing, do not try to look beyond anything. No matter when you are, whatever you are doing at that time, it should be the most important thing for you because it flies, it flies. If you blink too quickly, your career could end like this. Embrace it, enjoy every step, enjoy the journey. The results in the end, you can’t really worry about right now, just try to enjoy every moment you are. If you do that, you will get everything you want from the University.

Go green… Cassius Winston


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