Will the Coronavirus End Israel’s Political Paralysis?


With Mr. Netanyahu’s right partners in government – and with Mr. Trump still in power – peace talks with the Palestinians are also unlikely to resume. The Palestinians rejected the Trump administration’s peace plan as a desperate bias toward Israel.

If a unity government were to go ahead with the annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank, Israel’s relations with Egypt and Jordan could also be seriously compromised.

So far, Netanyahu has been proud of his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

“Dear citizens of Israel, our ability to respond quickly and flexibly to the challenge of coronaviruses is being appreciated in many countries,” he said in a televised speech on Monday.

But once the lock is lifted, many will find themselves out of work. So far, the crisis has left more than a million Israelis, out of a population of nine million, on leave without pay or unemployed.

Netanyahu said under his continued leadership the country would prevail.

“Previously, during the two main economic crises of this millennium, I had succeeded – with your help – in advancing the Israeli economy towards great achievements,” he said in his speech on Monday. “We have emerged from the crises and the Israeli economy has flourished. I intend with you to start again. “


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