Why You Are Asked Not To Shop Before Saturday – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


There is public advocacy for North Texans to avoid shopping at
grocery stores the first three days of April to help low-income mothers to
find basic foods.

Continued hoarding of staple foods and infant formula
left mothers and children in need with nothing.

Texas Health and Human Services estimates that there are 181,000
North Texas women receiving special supplemental plan benefits
Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

Monthly benefits help mothers under five

Their benefits are available the first of each month
and can be used to purchase nutrient-rich WIC approved food products.

Items including bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals and milk are
labeled with a pink sticker labeled “WIC Approved”.

WIC benefits average about $ 41 per month,
WIC National Association.

The association pleads with the public to be attentive
the next few days to make sure the store shelves are not cleared of these essentials
articles, leaving mothers and their children without healthy food.

“We urge buyers to be attentive to their neighbors
and to reduce panic purchases, to get only the items they need and
recognize that grocery stores will remain open as essential services ”,
said Brian Dittmeier, senior public policy council at the National WIC
Association. “We are seeing a number of shortages on the shelf regarding
just basic food, but infant formula to ensure that WIC participants can continue
to access nutritious foods allocated to them under the federal
the benefits we want to make sure we don’t see a shortage on the shelf,
that people don’t hoard items. “

The state of Texas estimates that there are 800,000 women and children in the WIC program.

“These are our neighbors, our friends and it is important that they continue to have access to nutritious food,” said Dittmeier.

The association
reports more women are asking for help, especially because
state students will not be in school until at least May 4.

Dallas City Council
member Jaime Resendez took advantage of social media to echo the request to refrain from
shop for groceries if possible.

“I think it’s extremely
important for people to understand that there are others in our community who
are more vulnerable and we have to take their situation into account, “said

HHS officials say they heard
of customers who do not find stock available in certain regions.

“To help expand access to food, Texas WIC has temporarily changed the way WIC participants can purchase certain WIC foods,” a department spokesperson said.

WIC participants will now have more options for certain foods in grocery stores.


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