Why was the season 10 finale of “The Walking Dead” delayed and when will it return?


You may have already heard that the season 10 finale of The walking dead has been pushed back indefinitely. Like so many other things, including the release of a post-apocalyptic video game The last of us, part II and countless theatrical releases – delays have become an important part of life these days.

But why the finale of a show like The walking dead to be delayed? The shooting was surely finished now. And unlike new movies, viewers can watch a TV show from the comfort of their own home, in complete social security.

Showrunner Angela Kang explained the delay in an interview with Deadline.

“The weather,” she told the publication when asked about the delay.

“For big episodes like that, to broadcast them, it’s basically about two weeks before the broadcast,” she continued. “It takes just as long to get all the post-production effects and all the final finish. So it was about a week and a half by the time the California governor called for a coronavirus arrest. AMC didn’t really have a choice, it’s like the movement of the sound stage and all the machines from our suppliers. ”

When asked how the delay had affected the team being so close to killing, Kang replied:

You know, our postal service was really like, man, we wish we could do it, but how can you handle all this work in 24 hours? It simply cannot be done. It was disappointing for everyone, but you know, we’re almost at the finish line. They’re trying to finish what they can, then once it’s up and running, we’ll finish and broadcast, and I’m glad people are watching the episode when it’s finally over. ”

Post-production was therefore not over, and the creators of the series were simply unable to continue working on the finishing touches in time. Whatever work can continue during lockdown, it will be slow in comparison.

This makes the question of “when” very delicate and which no one can answer with certainty. After all, the coronavirus is unpredictable. While we hear a lot about “peak” weeks in various places, it is less clear whether these peaks will return if social distancing and stay-at-home orders are lifted. Will the second or third wave still stop all grinding? Will we return to a semblance of normality before a vaccine is created and collective immunity is reached?

These are difficult questions without clear answers. We just don’t know when things will start to improve, when social distancing will be relaxed and what will happen once it is. It is also not clear what post-production work can still be done remotely and how long it will take.

You can watch the spoiled preview of the season 10 finale below:

Michonne is gone – perhaps to start a role in a new spin-off series led by Michonne – and Maggie is back, apparently for good. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds.


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