Why the Giants 2020 NFL Draft preparation includes intense research by Justin Herbert


Smoke screen, search for future opposition or both?

A year after shocking the NFL and drafting Daniel Jones with the No. 6 pick, the Giants would have discovered another hope for the quarterback. They did a lot of research on Justin Herbert of Oregon, NFL Network reported Monday, including FaceTime conversations with first-year head coach Joe Judge.

The Giants have pick # 4 in Thursday’s first round, so talking about their work on Herbert might just be a smokescreen trying to bite another team on a trade. General manager Dave Gettleman made no secret that he was ready to drop, although he had not done so in seven previous projects in charge of the Giants (twice) and the Panthers (five times).

“We evaluate each position because you want to set your board the right way,” said Gettleman of the NFL Combine. “If you don’t assess everyone in the project, whether or not people perceive a need for this position, your board is not right, and if your board is not right, you cannot maneuver properly . Your advice must be right. You have to assess everyone and give them the full scheme. You’re not just superficial: “Yeah, okay, he’s going to the first round. Here is his note. ” No. You assess them because that is the only way to work. “

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Gettleman was then specifically asked about the position of the quarterback.

“You assess everyone, you give them a complete idea, you don’t give them a short idea. You give them everything and you assess and define your board of directors, “he said.

The Dolphins, who have No. 5 picks, and the Chargers, who will finish in sixth place, should draft a quarterback, as will the Patriots, whose first choice comes in No. 23. Joe Burrow of LSU is almost guaranteed to go no 1 to the Bengals but Herbert and Alabama wild card Tua Tagovailoa are widely regarded as the top 10 choices.

The judge also comes from the Patriots and can channel them in terms of knowing the best quarterback prospects. The Patriots are known for researching some of the best callers every year, not because they can spot them, but so they are better prepared to face them on the road.

Herbert was considered one of the quarterback’s best prospects last year before returning to school for his final year. Some believe that if he had registered the project last year, it could have been the Giants’ choice at # 6, Ryan Post’s Dunleavy reported.

“Quite honestly, I saw him play a match [in 2018]Said Gettleman at the NFL Combine. “I went to the Utah game, I think it was. I went to the Utah game and he played, but then he didn’t come out, so I gave up on him. I obviously need to take it back. “

Jones, meanwhile, succeeded Eli Manning in Week 3 of last season and had a promising rookie season despite some turnover problems. The Duke product made 61.9% of his passes for 3,027 yards, 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions while groping 18 times.


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