Why [SPOILER] I had to die for season 3 to continue


Killing Eve fans have been waiting for a year to see Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh). The reunion took place a little earlier when BBC America and AMC increased the premiere of season 3 by two weeks. Unfortunately, the season premiere also said goodbye to a beloved character.

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Killing Eve Season 3: Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh | Willie / BBCA

Killing Eve Season 3 host Suzanne Heathcote spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet and agreed to discuss the spoilers as long as the article aired after the episode aired. Killing Eve broadcast Sunday at 9 p.m. on BBC America and AMC.

Just when Eve thought she was out, ‘Killing Eve’ brought her back

Eve is not in the right place at the start of season 3. She has recovered from her shot, but is taking care of herself with wine and leading a lonely life. Kenny (Sean Delaney) was his lifeline, and now she’s gone too.

“These are great conversations,” said Heathcote of the decision to kill a character. “Obviously, episode one with Kenny, with this death in particular, is a long conversation we had. “

Unfortunately for Kenny, something drastic was needed to put Eve back into the game. The show is always called Killing Eve, and there is no way for Eve to return to MI-6 after using Villanelle to sign an assassination.

Killing Eve Season 3
Killing Eve | Laura Radford / BBCA

“We really thought it must be something deeply personal that would bring Eve back after all that had happened to her,” said Heathcote. “There will never be a professional reason for Eve to return. It must have been something personal that happened. “

Kenny died to keep ‘Killing Eve’ exciting

There are a lot of live shows that seem to kill characters indiscriminately. Killing Eve did not become Game of Thrones or The walking dead for now, but Heathcote knew it was important to show that death is still around the corner.

Sean Delaney | Nick Wall / BBCA

“It’s also a world where no one is safe,” said Heathcote. “To keep this in the show and to keep this drama and keep you on the edge of your seat, knowing that no one is safe, unfortunately, there must be consequences. We see it in season 1 with Bill and that’s what you imagine could happen. These are never light decisions. “

It must have been someone you loved as much as Eve

For a death to raise the stakes and bring Eve back to MI-6, it had to be someone really important. It couldn’t be just a “redshirt” so to speak.

Killing Eve: Kenny
Sean Delaney | Laura Radford / BBCAmerica / Sid Gentle

“The truth is, because the character is so loved and because he is such a great character, that is what makes death even more meaningful,” said Heathcote. “If he is not a character that is important to us, he does not have the same reaction. So for it to be shocking and sad, it has to be a character you love. These are difficult decisions to make. We’re all sad, but it was part of the drama this season and part of Eve’s journey, and the other characters too. “


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