Why RB Leonard Fournette in Pittsburgh makes sense


It was revealed on Saturday that the Jacksonville Jaguars ball carrier Leonard Fournette is in the trading block.

Fournette is in the final year of his rookie contract, which diminishes his commercial value, because wherever he lands, it will likely be on a one-year contract. Jacksonville could consider a late draft pick in exchange for the RB.

The receiving team will get a productive player in return. Fournette has compiled two peak seasons of 1,000 yards and 19 multi-touchdowns. In 2019, he showed his pass-catcher value with 522 yards on a whopping 76 receptions.

Here’s why Fournette makes sense for the Steelers: Pittsburgh is in winning mode now. Furnace fits the Steelers mold – it’s a three-way down shredder that can catch up on the backfield and block. It is the kind of proven functionality sought by the Steelers.

Off-season team training will be limited if not eliminated, so a veteran who has been there has done so. Obtaining an immediate departure would also allow the club to meet other needs in the project and to postpone the RB position until 2021.

Here’s why Fournette doesn’t make sense: the Steelers would need to further restructure the contracts for the deal to come to fruition and give up one of their few choices to get it. Fournette has injury problems dating back to the LSU. In his three-year professional career, he missed 11 games due to an injury and served a one-game suspension following an ejection of unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Steelers aren’t mentioned as potential contenders for Fournette, but I wouldn’t be surprised if general manager Kevin Colbert calls the Jags.


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