Why didn’t Yasmeen find Geoff’s hidden camera?


CORONATION Street fans are puzzled as to why Yasmeen did not meet Geoff’s hidden security cameras in their home despite his cleaning spree.

Viewers of the ITV series feared that Geoff would hear Yasmeen call the police to access information about his past under Clare’s law on last night’s episode.

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Why hasn’t Yasmeen found Geoff’s hidden video camera in Corrie yet?

    Geoff watched Yasmeen's every move on hidden security cameras
Geoff watched Yasmeen’s every move on hidden security cameras

Last night’s episode saw fans cheering as Yasmeen finally left Geoff, despite his efforts to get in his way.

But as she made her way to Alya after getting up to tell her granddaughter that she had left him, Geoff sent her a series of manipulative texts threatening to kill herself.

A message said: “Don’t be surprised if I’m dead when you get back. ”

Yasmeen panicked, treating the last one who said, “I love you goodbye. “

A distraught Yasmeen then returned home to find pieces of glass and drops of blood.

But as she frantically searched for him – worried he’d hurt himself – Geoff was shown watching Yasmeen on his phone from the pub.

Corrie fans will of course know that Geoff has installed hidden cameras in their home which he has been using to spy on Yasmeen for months.

Later, the bully returned to the house and lied that Yasmeen did not need to worry and that the blood came from where he cut his finger on the broken photo frame.

But fans are confused as to why Yasmeen didn’t find the cameras during his manic cleaning sprees.

One fan tweeted, “How come Yasmeen couldn’t find the cameras Geoff installed since she’s doing so much cleaning and tidying up #CoronationStreet. ”

Another added: “Geoff comes in after being in a bar and Yasmeen didn’t feel it on his breath. Yasmeen cleans this house of all dust particles but did not find hidden cameras ??? “

A third said: ” The street of coronation is starting to really bother me. Yasmeen cleans absolutely everywhere and you’re telling me she didn’t spot that damn camera? It makes fucking damn sense if you’re going to make a story like that. #CoronationStreet. “

    Geoff de Corrie abused Yasmeen and forced her to clean the house from top to bottom1
Geoff de Corrie abused Yasmeen and forced her to clean the house from top to bottomCredit: ITV

Geoff’s camera to be discovered in Corrie?

Corrie’s bosses don’t know if Geoff’s camera will be found in the scenes to come.

But with Yasmeen still doubting her own memories and judgments and clinging to every word of Geoff, fans desperately want her to stumble upon Geoff’s scary cameras and realize that he is abusing her.

One fan tweeted, ” All Yasmeen has to do is find the hidden cameras Geoff has placed around the house! PROOF! #Corrie. ”

Another added: ” Please let Geoff be discovered for the fearless bully controlling him. Wednesday’s episode showed him a lot of remorse after his son took Yasmeen out of the box, but I didn’t believe his crocodile tears. You also have to find the video camera. ”

And with Yasmeen ready to be charged with attempted murder, the cameras could be the key to Yasmeen obtaining justice and proving that Geoff mistreated her.

Spy Geoff saw Yasmeen call the police?

After Geoff went home, he and Yasmeen seemed to be putting the past behind them.

But it soon became clear that Yasmeen still had doubts about her husband as she went downstairs and called the police to access the information under Clare’s law.

Viewers fear that Geoff has seen her call the police and that he will always be able to stay one step ahead of her.

One fan said, ” Geoff spies on Yasmeen on the phone with the police? #Corrie. ”

But with the exact details of the plot kept secret, fans will need to know if Yasmeen has escaped the call.


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