Who is Running Back U.? We crossed the figures to find out


We have determined each “position U”. by measuring what each college should strive to do, in sport and beyond: Prepare students for a professional career. For the full explanation of our scoring system, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

At a time when the ball carrier was devalued, Alabama had three RBs written in the first round since 2010, the only program that can boast of this accomplishment. Latecomers Mark Ingram (2011) and Josh Jacobs (’19) delivered, while Trent Richardson (pick # 3 in ’12) is more of a cautionary tale. Overall, the Tide has seen 10 ball carriers drafted in the past decade – no other program has had more than eight (our ranking includes Latin backs, such as Bama Jalston Fowler’s alum, a pick of fourth round in 15).

Georgia, of course, has the most accomplished semi-carrier of the past decade to Todd Gurley, one of two first-round picks they produced (with Sony Michel, ’18). And no program has put more RB into the league in the past decade than LSU (13), including Leonard Fournette, one of four backs selected from the top 5 projects in the past decade (with Richardson , former Penn State Saquon Barkley and Ohio State’s). Ezekiel Elliott).

Lower in the rankings, Boise State hasn’t been so ubiquitous in the national discussion recently, but the Broncos haven’t slowed production at their RB plant. They have returned the league at the same rate as some of the big boys over the past decade, finishing 12th in our ranking thanks to players like “Muscle Hamster” Doug Martin, Super Bowl champion Jay Ajayi and, most recently, Vikings third. – Alexander Mattison tour choice.


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