Who is Harry Jowsey? – “Too hot to handle” Harry Jowsey is not hot


Okay, if you’re someone who also hit the new Netflix series Too hot to handle last weekend, let’s chat for a second. (And for those of you who haven’t watched it yet: Netflix has forced, like some really sexy people, to go four weeks without logging in. So yes, you should watch it.)

The show, which vaguely resembles Love island (… Without sex, ofc) is, dare I say, a kind of genius? The kisses that cost $ 3,000, the relationship drama and the Alexa-like robot used as the love guru are really the things that reality TV dreams are made of.

Certainly, it is quite possible that I was so THTH because the only thing I could compare it to was the last thing I hit, which was of course Tiger King. So let’s just say that I prefer to watch eight hours of sexy singles parading along a beach rather than wondering why I feel strangely aroused by Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring.

… Which brings me to my next point. If you looked, you’re probably thirsty for David’s abs, dreamed of Kelz’s voice, and you fell deeply as with the “cheeky” Aussie, Harry. But, I have a theory about it that you may or may not like.

Harry is the final proof that tall men don’t have to be attractive to be “too hot to handle” as the series shows. Listen to me for a second.

Objectively, Harry is sexy … but only because he is 6’5 “(and, okay, his accent is not zero either). But the women – Francesca, Chloé, me and really all the other heterosexual women interested in the cock – get carried away by a spell called big boy syndrome.

By law (lol), Tall Boy Syndrome states that anyone over 6’0 ”receives preferential treatment over those who are shorter. And when I say preferential treatment, I mean they gain an immediate Swipe Right despite using the wrong form of “your” in their bios. In THTH world, it meant that women gravitated to Harry despite other handsome guys being up for grabs.

Like David, who literally wore a bottle of sunscreen so the girls wouldn’t be sunburnt, and Sharron, who didn’t even try to sleep with his love, Ronda, knowing he wanted to develop a connection ~ deeper ~ with it.

Then there is Harry … who boasted about his “boyfriend’s cock”? Not only was he a low-key, fucking boy who basically turned the whole house against Francesca when he initiated a rule break with it, but it doesn’t really offer much beyond its size. He lied directly when people confronted him about who was to blame for the rule violation, and also played “hard to get” even though, at IMO, he should have been the one to apologize to Francesca.

I think for adults, they learn to trust their size – and fair their size – as a way to connect with other people. But short men have to compensate for their, well, their brevity, so that they’re not completely overlooked when it comes to their datability. It means that short guys take on other attributes that can make up for the fact that they reach your breasts: maybe they’re really funny, maybe they’re super smart, maybe they know how to serenade yourself with a guitar.

But the big guys? They think being tall is a damn personality trait.

Harry is not the only guy to contribute to this Tall Boy phenomenon that so many women seem passionate about either. There is Adam Driver! Jason Segel! John Krasinski! So. A lot. Men. which are only really attractive by their size.

“But the grown-ups? They think being tall is a damn personality trait. “

And before you come to me, I promise you that if you haven’t seen the height of these bad boys and they were cooling down to 5’7 “, I promise you that you wouldn’t want to rub yourself after having watched Star Wars.

So yes, I am not saying that Harry is not attractive all. I’m not telling you either that you’re wrong to think it is, if you do. I’m just saying that tall men have a head start that we, as women, don’t even consider when evaluating our preferences.

And although these boys can reach the top shelves of Trader Joe’s to drop off the last container of cups of dark chocolate peanut butter, they don’t necessarily have much for them other than their genetically gifted size… A little weird flex since they didn’t even have to work for that, don’t you think?

… Okay, but actually, by reading this article and watching more of its scenes (in the name of “research”), may be it is… is… rather hot ?! Tall Boy Syndrome bothers me again? Damn it.


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